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Chadstone Region Osteopathy has a team of osteopaths with a broad range of experience and skills, all exceptionally passionate about providing you the best possible outcome. Every Osteopath is different, and whilst it’s our differences that set us apart, the team at Chadstone Region Osteopathy are all trained to take a similar approach to your complaint – 

We will listen carefully, work out what’s going on, and work with you to develop a plan of treatment and rehabilitation that ensures your outcomes exceed expectations.

Read more about our Osteopaths below to see who will suit your needs best.

Our Osteopaths

Dr Claire Richardson
Dr Shaun Richardson
Dr Ainslie Morris
Dr Caitlin Gill
Dr Tayla Rhodes
Dr Millie White
Dr Matthew Goulas

Our Admin team 

Sarah - Reception
Georgia - Reception
Sophie - Trainee

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Shaun is an easy-going osteopath, who loves to help people move well, and feel good. He enjoys helping his patients to go about their lives without being hindered by pain, or stiffness.

He aims to provide relief from acute and chronic pain through manual therapy, and teaching people how to stretch, and exercise safely and effectively. He enjoys empowering people to take control of their own health, without lecturing! Shaun stays up to date with the best evidence-informed practice methods, and only uses treatment approaches that work.

Shaun has undertaken further study in Dry Needling (Advanced), Functional Movement, Strength Training for Rehabilitation, Motor Control and Stability for Rehab, Safe Kettlebell Lifting, & Pain Education.

When not at work, Shaun plays basketball, and enjoys spending time with his wife, Claire, and their toddler, Sophie. Please note that Dr Claire Richardson and Dr Shaun Richardson are not currently accepting new patients under Medicare EPC plans.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Ainslie is interested in helping all different types of people get back to moving pain free and doing the things they love.

She aims to develop a plan with her clients to get them to reach their goals through education, exercising and empowering people to take control of their condition. She likes to use all different types of techniques, including soft tissue, articulation and manipulation or more gentle types of treatments depending on what the patient needs.

Growing up, Ainslie has been involved in a variety of sports, her favourites being rowing, soccer and basketball. Through this Ainslie has been driven to help others through her passion for the body. She likes to treat and prevent sporting injuries, chronic pain and posture related pain.

In her spare time Ainslie likes to eat breakfast at all the newest cafes, go for hikes along the coast or up the mountains and thinks herself as an amateur photographer. Ainslie is available in all our three clinics.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

We are excited to welcome Tayla Rhodes to our team of Osteopaths in our Oakleigh clinic in 2020.

Tayla is no stranger to Oakleigh, previously working with Oakleigh Crushers VAFA Football club as a sports trainer, attending to the treatment and prevention of game day injuries.

Tayla is passionate about building therapeutic alliances with her patients in order to work together to achieve their goals, whether that is running marathons, doing the gardening, playing with their grandchildren or simply managing their pain well.

Tayla has always been drawn to a career in health due to her interest in community and passion for helping people. This is demonstrated by her involvement as a volunteer for the SES.

Tayla is interested in the treatment of all kinds of ailments, from top to toe, treating all ages from children to seniors.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)
Professional Certificate of Pain Sciences

Claire is an experienced osteopath who enjoys assisting patients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Claire’s clinical interest lies in the treatment and prevention of persistent pain.

Claire empowers her patients through education regarding their diagnosis and how they can improve the speed of their recovery.

Claire utilises a wide variety of manual treatment interventions, alongside exercise and neurological rehabilitation to get the best results for her patients. Claire also advises on lifestyle factors leading to the development or maintenence of pain, and is a qualified ergonomic assessor, servicing offices and workplaces offsite.

Claire has previously undertaken further study in the field of chronic and complex pain, and holds a Professional Certificate in Pain Sciences through the University of South Australia.

Claire has a firm emphasis on evidenced based therapy, and as such, has undertaken further study of evidence based interventions in many areas.

These include: Pain education, Ergonomics for Desk based workers, Dry Needling, Management of Tendon injuries, Biomechanical Assessment of Athletes, Functional Movement and Movement based treatment and rehabilitation.

Claire has been active in the media, and on behalf of Osteopathy Australia, has written blogs and commentary on many topics surrounding musculoskeletal health. See our Blog and Media section for more info.

Claire and Shaun also enjoy presenting seminars to groups of interested parties (such as gym trainers or clients), on topics such as pain, assessment and function. Please contact Chadstone Region Osteopathy if you would like to enquire about organising a seminar. Please note that Dr Claire Richardson and Dr Shaun Richardson are not currently accepting new patients under Medicare EPC plans.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Caitie is a kind and compassionate Osteo who loves helping people to get the most out of their body, and strives to get her patients back to the activities that give their life meaning.

She doesn’t believe in one treatment-fits-all approach and instead has a tailored treatment plan for each patient based on their needs. She aims to find and treat the cause of the pain or injury, and not just treat the symptoms.

Caitie’s treatments incorporate a range of manual therapy techniques, as well as the prescription of strength and mobility exercises if appropriate.

Caitie understands the benefit that movement can have on pain, and believes that movement and exercise should be fun and accessible for everyone, regardless of their age, fitness level or ability. Having previously completed a Cert III in Fitness, she can assist you in getting back into exercise if you haven’t done so for a while, or if you exercise regularly she can help to keep your body moving well and prevent injuries.

Although not originally from Melbourne, Caitie has picked up the local lifestyle and loves going for coffee or walking her dog through the parks and beaches of Melbourne. She also loves going back to her childhood home in the Snowy Mountains of NSW to go bushwalking, or just to relax in front of the fireplace.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)
Masters of High Performance Sport

Matt is a compassionate and friendly practitioner who enjoys helping people feel good and remain active, no matter their age or lifestyle.

Matt understands that everyone is different which is why he seeks to tailor the treatment for the person. He enjoys treating a wide range of conditions with a combination of hands-on therapy and active rehabilitation exercises.

Matt has a broad base of experience, ranging from coaching and rehabilitating athletes, to working with seniors as part of his Osteopathic role in aged care.

Having suffered injuries while playing football, athletics and golf as a junior he has a particular interest in sporting injuries which has led him to complete an additional Masters of High Performance Sport as well as being a Strength and Conditioning intern at the Coburg Lions Football Club.

When Matt isn’t in clinic, he enjoys trying the local cafes, having a game of golf with mates or cheering on the Magpies at the footy.

B.Sci (Clin.Sci) M.H.S (Osteo)

Millie has experience and a passion for treating people from all walks of life. Millie has always been interested in hands-on patient care, and prior to finding Osteopathy, she worked as a massage therapist & sports trainer for East Brighton Football Club.

Millie has been privileged to undertake clinical work in London, where she treated in a hospital, retirement village and at the University College of Osteopathy (UCO) clinic.

Millie thoroughly enjoys being able to use her skills as an Osteopath to give back to the community, having worked at Sacred Heart Mission and more recently volunteering at Swan Reach fire base camp to treat firefighters who required musculoskeletal care due to their efforts fighting the recent East Gippsland bushfires.

Millie is qualified to perform Dry Needling and cupping as part of her Osteopathic treatments.

Millie sees her role as an Osteopath to facilitate healing – using hands on treatment and empowering her patients with education and a clear management plan.

In her spare time Millie loves spending time with her family and friends, going to a yoga class, and getting outdoors for a beach walk or swim.

Registered with AHPRA

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